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41st International FUR EXPO OF KASTORIA

by on 09 March, 2016 in News

On 5-8 May 2016 will be held the 41st International Fur Fair of Kastoria

Detailed press release:

We know that the 41st International Fur Fair of Kastoria, will take place on 5-8 May 2016 in Western Macedonia Fur Center.

Terms of participation :

The rental price for members of the Association amounts to 55 € and 65 € per m² depending on the position of the stand.

First will be the renewal of stands already rigged the exhibition area and for the period from 10/19/2015 to 06/11/2015.

From 09.11.2015 opened the holding process for all other interested furriers.

Will be ready made stands of 20 square meters, which will be available at the price of € 1,500.

3 new designer companies and 3 new furriers companies will allocate free stands 20 m (if there are more interested companies will be selected following a draw. Must be the submission of the entry form until 06.11.2015.

Participation with desk 1.200 € (for trade journals, etc.)

All prices are subject to VAT 23%.

Registration fee 150 €.

Minimum participation of 40 sq.m. (Excluding ready-shaped stands of 20 sq.m.).

Terms of Payment :

For the validity of participation, with the filing of the statement is paid 40% of the total amount, the registration fee and the membership fee to deposit with the Bank.

The remaining amount is paid as follows: 30% till 12.18.2015 and payment of the remaining 30% until 03/18/2016.

For already rigged stands and for stands of 20 sq.m., the payment will be made once the deposit of the declaration.

Payment of VAT directly effected by the invoice during the exhibition.

Also, we would like to announce that the 41st International Fur Fair of Kastoria will start updating the exhibitors registry book will apply to its next action of the Association.

This is a new, transparent and fair way of allocating seats in the premises of the Fair, namely:

Each company will receive 100 points for participation, and one (1) molecule for every square meter of the stand. According to these molecules in every action the Association would first occupied the privileged spaces of exhibitors with more molecules and then everyone else.

We thus reward the exhibitors who actively support our exhibition, but also all future actions of the Association, which is indicative:

the "Week Modas" we are planning for the fall of 2016 and the "15 Days discounts - deals" we are planning for January 2017.