Our Company “EFDI Furs Papaioannou – Sioziou”, is active in the fur industry for more than 25 years. Our headquarters are located at the city of Siatista, West Macedonia Region of Greece. We supply the Greek market with fur products of exceptional quality and we export in many countries worldwide. We have presence in the markets of USA, Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai).


EFDI Furs is growing strongly and evolve over the years in order to improve its products and is a pioneer in trends and the fur fashion. We combine the tradition of hundreds of years of our region in manufacturing fur and fur accessories, with our passion for our work and new challenges in our field.


Our Services

We manufacture all kinds of fur accessories such as: 

  • Fur hats (for men and women)
  • Fur collars, cuffs and other accessories for leather and other garments 
  •  Fur and Leather Gloves
  • Fur scarves
  • Furry exterior cladding for Bags, Clutches and Wallets
  •   Fur key-rings and other accessories


We can manufacture by-order any accessories for handbags, wallets, shoes, boots, furniture, etc. surfaces.


We manufacture fur garments such as:
Bodies (pleter)
Fur Etoiles and Bolero

and many more!


All our products are available in wholesale and retail.



New products of exceptional quality and innovative design are produced by our company, in collaboration with professional designers and ateliers of fur fashion.

EFDI Furs renew and update the collection, following the latest fashion trends in the fur area. Lately we watch that more and more top dressmakers and haute couture salons add fur as accessories to their creations. The beauty and the sense of natural fur cannot be compared and replaced with anything else and consumers always prefer the original.


EFDI Furs offers solutions to professional machine manufacturers and accessories and gives them the opportunity to purchase fur accessories of high quality at competitive prices. Contact us to design and build the furry accessories that will grace and give added value to your product.